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Masjid Al Aqsa & Baitul Muqaddis

Contrary to the popular belief the MASJIDUL Aqsa and Baitul Muqaddis were not in existence at the life time of prophet Muhammed sa. at Jerusalem. After the death of Prophet Muhammed sa. Abubecker r.was appointed as the first Khaleefa. Following his death Umar r.became the second Khaleefa. He annexed Jerusalem and the surrounding Palestine into Islamic territory. He noticed there was no worshipping centers in Jerusalem.

Baitul Muqadedis was destroyed about seventy years after Prophet Isa a.(re QURAN 17-7) .Though there were several attempts to rebuild it never got re established because of the recurrent wars and unrest. About 570 years prior to the birth of prophet Muhammed sa. Baitul Muqaddis was destroyed and remained as a disputed area and centre of clashes. It was only rebuilt after several decades after the prophets life time.

So during his time, Khaleefa Umar constructed a masjid for Muslims to the south of the original Baaithul Muqaddis site and named it as " Umar Masjid " The same was enlarged and rebuilt by Umayyad Khaleef called Abdul Malik Marwan. He named it as MASJIDUL AQSA.

So Masjidul Aqsa came into existence only after more than 70 years of the life time of Prophet Muhammed sa. So these two Masjids could not be linked to the ISRA NIGHT EVENT.

ISRA : It is guided night tour of the prophet Mohammd sa. from Kaaba masjid to a most distant Masjid called Masjidul Aqsa which may be in the heavely location. Allah sw Himself was the guide to prophet Mohammed sa.. for this tour. It was meant for giving him higher levels of information regarding the heavenly truths connected with the life of animals, human beings, plants etc. of the earth. These matters are discussed in several areas in the Holy Quran. If we look carefully at the Quranic statements about 20 percent of the entire Quran has been devoted to such topics to educate humanity in areas like the scientific truths which are increasingly becoming clear in these modern era of science and technology,though present in the Holy Quran since sixth century ie more than 1400 years

The location of Masjidul Aqsa is where the glaxies exist, a place where the stars are dying and becoming red giant , supernova blackhole etc. Allah sw qualifies this place as a blessed one , where the paradise exist as well as a variety of heavely speldours exist. Allah sw also states that the utmost boundry of the creation ie the sidratul muntaha also is located here.

If we assume that most frequently visited place ( by angels ), Baitul Maamoor is also inthe viscinity of these locations it becomes clear that not only the worship takes place on the earth but also in the heavenly places.

In fact Holy Quran mentions about the origin of creation, the expansion of the heavenly bodies, Big BANG, Big Crunch, dying stars , eventual fate of the sun moon , earth etc. in fact it makes references to all areas of Astronomical sciences, the cause and effects of many heavenly and earthly secrets

Some of these are still being discovered in the modern times. The prophet sa was revealed about such truths in this trip.Therefore this trip was guided educational trip to enable him to teach the humanity about some of these heavenly truths mentioned in the Quran. we are show you total ziyarat in baitulmuqaddas.

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